• Tagliatelle sepia, chicken, peas, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, parmesan cheese 27 zł
  • Gnocchi, smoked pork tenderloin, dried tomatoes, garlic, red onion, amber cheese, cream sauce 27 zł
  • Ravioli with lamb, oyster, shallots, oscypek, rosemary, butter 26 zł

Vegan dish

  • Tofu, black rice, vegetables, nuts, pumpkin mousse, balsamico 28 zł


  • Beef tartare, dijon mustard, cucumber, chanterelle mushrooms, red onion, bread 30 zł
  • Beef carpaccio, capers, parmesan, rucola, trufle oil, bread 38 zł
  • Matjas herring, beet, red onion, canned cucumber, sprouts, cream fresh 22 zł

Hot appetizers

  • Pull beef, steamed buns, lettuce, pickled tomato, amber cheese, merry rosse sause 24 zł
  • Dumplings, meat, bacon, onion 24 zł
  • Tiger Prawns, wine - butter sauce, rucola, garlic croutons, lemon 37 zł
  • Wild board beckon, potatoes puree, kale, cocks, dark juniper sauce 25 zł


  • Polish broth, noodles, parsley 14 zł
  • "Żurek" sour soup, white sausage, egg, horseradish 16 zł
  • Thai coconut soup, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, coriander 18 zł

Fish and seafood

  • Cod, beetroot rice, vegetables, nuts, pumpkin mousse, balsamico 45 zł
  • Octopus, shrimps, black rice, green peas, cherry tomatoes, lettuce mix, oriental sauce 52 zł


  • Apple pie, ice cream with combustible butter, poppy seed sauce 17 zł
  • Maringue, yoghurt, coffe, fruit 19 zł
  • Chocolate fondant, ginger cherry, vanilla ice cream 21 zł

Children Menu

  • Chicken broth or tomato soup, noodles 8 zł
  • Nuggets, french fries, carrot salad 18 zł
  • Meatballs, dill sauce, dumplings, cucumber salad 17 zł
  • Dumplings, butter, bread crumbs 15 zł
  • Pancakes, cottage cheese, whipped cream 17 zł
  • Ice cream 10 zł


  • Caesar, romaine lettuce, chicken, beckon, parmesan, croutons, ceasar dressing, bread 26 zł
  • Mixed lettuce, gravlax salmon, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, radish, dressing Prosecco, dill 27 zł
  • Spinach leaves, duck breast, grenade, figs, pistachios, plum vinegar with balsamico 28 zł

Appetizers for wine and beer

  • Bruschetta Trio (with coriander mayonnaise /Olives, sun-dried tomatoes /Parma ham, mozzarella /Smoked cheese, cranberry) 16 zł
  • Snack plate: mini chicken nuggets, onion rings, steak house fries, spring rolls, nachos, spicy sauce 24 zł
  • Cheese plate, jam with red onion, fruit, crackers, nuts 35 zł


  • Chicken breast, spinach, hummus, chickpea, vegetables, smoked paprika sauce 33 zł
  • Duck, dumplings, pumpkin, apple, figs, black lilac, cranberry sauce 49 zł
  • Delicate pork ribs, baked potatoes, roasted cabbage, almonds 44 zł
  • Beef steak, gnocchi with goat's cheese, oysters, corn, carrots, onion mousse, truffle sauce 69 zł